For all aspects of workforce management, ImpaxHub has you covered

Rota Management

  • Create & manage all types of rotas
  • Set up work schedules
  • Communicate within your organisation
  • Fill your rotas & advertise the gaps to the wider medical workforce
  • Reduce your workload by simplifying & automating much of the admin process involved in setting up rotas and finding cover for shifts

Advertise gaps to the wider medical workforce

  • Easily post work to the marketplace
  • Identify gaps in your rota
  • Communicate with your workforce with one click
  • All communication / negotiation in one place
  • Audit trail

Source & Verify Staff

  • Find staff & expand your network
  • Easily verify staff
  • Share staff across your organisation
  • Reports of certification
  • Find staff, cover shifts & set up rotas amongst staff


  • Post news and announcements to your workforce
  • Easily communicate with your organisation
  • Notifications sent and received through ImpaxHub and also sent via email
  • Audit Trail

Pension & Invoicing

  • Set your T & C’s, commercials and parameters
  • Negotiate shift rates
  • Automatically create pension forms A & B
  • Locums can invoice and manage all their finance & pension needs in one place

Reduce Cost

  • Reduce workload average 65 -75 %
  • Agency fees removed / reduced
  • Prioritise staff over external agency staff saving money
  • Clear pricing structure
  • No hidden fees
  • Reporting

Safe & Secure

  • Certified secure
  • Cyber Essentials accredited
  • Certified external vulnerability scans
  • High availability
  • Private cloud infrastructure
  • UK Based

“Working with ImpaxHub has helped us to bring our extended hours service into one easy to use rota system that allows our Doctors to pick up sessions when they can and participate in the wider rota if they want.

Victoria Ward,
Head of Operations
Primary Care Wirral

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